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2009 Postie Bike Challenge
Brisbane to Melbourne - the long way and via the Outback!!
4 - 13 October 2009

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You can read an online report I wrote about our participation in the Challenge here:
Ron & Kathy's 2009 Postie Bike Challenge

Or download a PDF copy here:
Ron & Kathy's 2009 Postie Bike Challenge


You can see photos, videos and blogs that other Challenge participants have shared at the following links:

Photos at PhotoBucket:
Postie Bike Challenge 2009


Videos at YouTube:
Postie Bike Challenge 2009


Blog and photos by Mad Dog Challenge Team from NZ:
Mad Dog Postie Bike Challenge


Our aim was to raise $5,000 for

who have well established domestic and international programs of providing safe, decent and affordable shelter to underprivileged families in need.

We raised $4,700 in sponsorship from family, friends and work colleagues and we raised another $2,300 by selling our Postie Bikes!!

We raised $7,000 for
Habitat for Humanity!!


Photos taken by Ron and Kathy Leslie



 The map below is the route we actually travelled as recorded by our Garmin eTrex Legend GPS  ...


You can access an interactive version
of the whole trip here ...
2009 Postie Bike Challenge Route


... or the individual days below.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10


Here's the link to our Postie Bike Challenge ride as recorded by our SPOT Messenger

Visit the Official
Postie Bike Challenge



Our Preparation Checklist ...

1 Register for event
2 Create website and update regularly
3 Get sponsorship
4 Do Stay Upright "Dirt Skills Riding" course
5 Buy soft handgrips
6 Buy sheepskin seat cover
7 Make cover for milk crate and work out how to secure it
8 Book flight, accommodation and hire car for Brisbane
9 Arrange flight, accommodation and hire car for Melbourne
10 Purchase travel insurance
11 Try and work out route using clues from official PBC website
12 Work out likely temperatures along the route
13 Setup link on SPOT Trip Manager to track our trip
14 Organise for Postie Bikes to be collected at the end of the Challenge
15 Install software for updating website on EEE laptop computer
16 Work out where friends may be able to meet up with us along the way
17 Work out how to mount SPOT Messenger and Garmin eTrex GPS on Postie Bikes
18 Make sure that all battery operated gadgets only use 'AA' batteries
19 Read the PBC newsletters and all the notes about how to care for a Postie Bike
20 Work out what stuff we need to take (or can't live without)!!
21 Put in leave application
22 Verify SPOT Messenger is working correctly
23 Work out how much stuff we can fit in an 80 litre duffle bag!!
24 Work out what else will fit in a milk crate (apart from a 5 litre fuel container, two 1 litre water bottles and lunch)
25 Fly to Brisbane


About us ...

We've been keen motorcyclists for more than 30 years and currently own two Honda GL1000 Goldwings, two Honda CX500s, a Honda SL175, a Honda NT700V Deauville and a BMW GS1150 Adventure.

We are members of the Australian GoldWing Association, Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, BMW Motorcycle Club (ACT), ACT Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club and Ulysses.

After many years of procrastinating about participating in the Postie Bike Challenge we decided that 2009 would be the year in which we finally did it!! 


About this year's challenge ...

The direct ride from Brisbane to Melbourne is about 1,700kms.  There is no point in taking the easy way when you can take the adventurous - 3,300km (including 1,000km of unsealed roads) - way at a top speed of 70 km/h!

The inspiration for the 2009 route comes from an attempt by the organisers to combine and contrast the feeling of riding in the outback to that of riding through the New South Wales and Victorian high country where we should still catch glimpses of the snow capped mountains.

So far 42 riders (8 of whom are women) ranging in age from 20-something to 70-something have decided to take on this year's challenge!!
While most entrants are from Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand are also represented.


The map below is our guestimate of this year's route (and where we'll be staying each night) based on the information provided on the Postie Bike Challenge website ...

We've also put together a chart to show the average minimum and maximum temperatures during the month of October along the route.


Map showing relative sizes of Australia,
the United States of America
and the United Kingdom.

Proudly sponsored by ...


Many members of the
Australian GoldWing Association

Friendship & Family Across Australia


Canberra Motorcycle Centre


Know exactly where you're lost
tm with GPS equipment from GPSOZ
(Who have kindly donated a handlebar mount for our SPOT Satellite Messenger)


Members of the following
motorcycle clubs/groups:

Australian CX500 & CX650 Register


CX500 GL500 Transverse Twins Discussion Forum (USA)


Plus we've also received lots of sponsorship from our very generous family, friends, work colleagues and associates!!


Monitoring our trip progress ...

You'll be able to monitor our trip in real-time courtesy of our SPOT Satellite Messenger.
We'll provide a link for our "Postie Bike Challenge"  just before the start date ...

In the meantime you can check out our
December 2008 trip to Tassie
as recorded by our SPOT Messenger


Official Itinerary

For those of you who live along or near the route we'll be travelling you're most welcome to come along and cheer us on as we pass by or, if possible, stop and have a chat to us when we take a break (which it will always be time to do if we see someone we know!!).
Date Leaving From ~Kms
4 Brisbane 426
5 Goondiwindi 463
6 Bokhara Plains 353
7 Hungerford 307
8 White Cliffs 434
9 Hillston 411
10 Tumbarumba 196
11 Jindabyne 207
12 Omeo 251
13 Heyfield 236

Estimated distance travelled (kms)



*  We'll be leaving from Brisbane Exhibition Grounds, Building 11, The Avenue, Alexandria St, Bowen Hills at about 7:00 AM

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