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2012 Postie Bike Challenge
Perth to Broome - the long way!!
2 - 10 September 2012

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Read a report I wrote about the 2012 Challenge here:
Kathy's 2012 Postie Bike Challenge

Or download a PDF copy here:
Kathy's 2012 Postie Bike Challenge


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Visit the Official
Postie Bike Challenge



Some of the photos Ron's friend Chris took before we left Perth ...


Some of the photos I took ...


Some of the photos Ron took when we arrived in Broome ...


 The map below is the route I travelled as recorded by my Garmin eTrex Legend GPS  ...


You can access a map of the whole trip here:

2012 Postie Bike Challenge Route


or the individual days here:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9


Here's a link to the 2012 Postie Bike Challenge
as recorded by my SPOT GPS Messenger


A table showing the start point for each day and the daily and total distances we rode.

Day Start Point ~Daily
1 Perth 367 228 367 228
2 Hyden 367 228 734 456
3 Kalgoorlie 428 266 1162 722
4 Sandstone 196 122 1358 844
5 Meekatharra 424 263 1782 1107
6 Newman 326 203 2108 1310
7 Tom Price 417 259 2525 1569
8 Karratha 479 298 3004 1867
9 80 Mile Beach 379 235 3383 2102



About me ...

My name is Kathy Leslie and I live in Canberra, ACT, Australia.  I've been a keen motorcyclist for more than 30 years and I currently own  a Honda CX500, a Honda NT700V Deauville and a BMW F650GS.

Having completed the 2009 Postie Bike Challenge I've decided to have another go! 


About this year's challenge ...

The direct route from Perth to Broome is about 2,200kms.  There is no point in taking the easy way when you can take the adventurous - 3,200km (including up to 1,000km of unsealed roads) - way at a top speed of 70 kph!

The organisers have decided that, having done previous routes through Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory, it is time the Postie Bike Challenge visited Western Australia.

The route from Perth to Broome will take us through regions more remote than can be found in any other state of Australia. It will take us through incredible country, including Eighty Mile Beach, Millstream National Park, Karajini National Park and Opthalmia Range around the Pilbara region. We'll avoid the tourist route along the western coastline, and instead take the more interesting route east from Perth through Kalgoorlie prior to winding our way north to Broome.

The beauty of the changing landscapes and vastness of the countryside are matched by the harshness of the dirt, corrugations and bulldust we will encounter.  No-one can argue ... this will be adventurous!



A table to show average minimum and maximum temperatures
during the month of September along the way.

Day Region Min
Avg oC
Avg oF
Avg oC
Avg oF
1 Perth 9.4 48.9 20.1 68.2
2 Hyden 5.8 42.4 20.3 68.5
3 Kalgoorlie 8.9 48.0 22.7 72.9
4 Sandstone 8.8 50.9 24.1 77.7
5 Meekatharra 10.6 51.1 25.8 78.4
6 Newman 13.7 56.7 29.2 84.6
7 Tom Price 16.8 62.2 31.1 88.0
8 Karratha 16.9 62.4 30.5 86.9
9 80 Mile Beach 15.7 60.3 33.4 92.1
10 Broome 18.4 65.1 31.7 89.1


Map showing relative sizes of Australia,
the United States of America
and the United Kingdom.


My Preparation Checklist ...

1 Register for event
2 Put in leave application
3 Create website and update regularly
4 Book flights to Perth and from Broome
5 Purchase travel insurance
6 Work out possible route using clues from PBC website
7 Take Academy of Off Road Riding "Adventure Bike" course
8 Buy sheepskin seat cover and soft handgrips
9 Work out average min/max temperatures along the route
10 Setup link on SPOT Trip Manager to track the Challenge
11 Get RAM fittings to mount SPOT and GPS on Postie Bike (don't forget the spanner this time!)
12 Make cover for milk crate and work out How to Carry Wet Weather Gear
13 Book accommodation and hire car for time in Perth/Fremantle
14 Book extra accommodation and hire car in Broome
15 Purchase 'AA' and 'AAA' lithium batteries for SPOT and GPS
16 Work out what stuff I need to take (and/or can't live without)
17 Verify SPOT Messenger is working
18 Get a name tag made
19 Work out how much stuff I can fit in an 90 litre duffle bag and keep the weight to 15kg or less
20 Work out what else will fit in the milk crate (apart from a 5 litre fuel container, two x 1 litre water bottles, a lunch box, a First Aid Kit and a Hema Motorcycle Atlas)
21 Work out possible route using clues from PBC website and newsletters
22 Find out about TPP/Comprehensive insurance for the Postie Bike
23 Fly to Perth


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