Wet Weather Gear

Challenge #1:  How to carry wet weather gear ...

Solution #1:  $5 plastic container from hardware store and two ROK straps




Name Tag



Crate Space

Question #1:  How much space is left in the milk crate after the 5 litre fuel container, two x 1 litre water bottles, lunch box, First Aid Kit and Hema Motorcycle Atlas are all put in?
(The lunch box, First Aid Kit and Hema Motorcycle Atlas in these photos are the actual items that were issued for the 2009 Challenge - tragic but true!)



Answer #1:  Just enough for a Sistema 2l or 3l container.
(The photo below was taken with the 2l container in the bottom of the crate.  The 2l and 3l containers are the same length/width.)




Insurance for Postie Bike

I did some research on Third Party Property (TPP) insurance for the Postie Bike and I reckon that NRMA's Comprehensive insurance for scooters is the way to go.

Not only is it cheaper cheaper than their TPP insurance (go figure!) but I can pay by the month and if I cancel the policy within the 21 day cooling off period I get a full refund.  Plus, it provides cover for up to $2,000 worth of riding gear.

The other significant benefit that the NRMA TPP and Comprehensive insurance policies offer is their 'Helpline Benefits' service which provide assistance to travellers in the event of illness or injury. (Not planning on needing it but it's nice to know it's there).

Quote - TPP

Quote - Comp1

Quote - Comp2


NRMA - Helpline Benefits